In January Diane and I went to the West Coast Art and Framing show in Las Vegas. This is the fifth time we have been out there. It is held every year and is the largest show for our industry. This show gives us an opportunity to see what is new and how we can improve our business to better serve our customers. Suppliers bring in their new equipment like automatic mat cutters, joiners, hanging hardware, etc. Canvas oil paintings and print company’s are there, and of course Frame company’s. Each year we schedule classes for ourselves that can help us improve our services. Diane took a class on shadow boxes which helped her to attach items to look like they are floating. Adhesives was another class to help us on mounting different forms of media. I have been taking social media classes to help get our name out on the world wide web. We know more and more people are shopping on the web these days and we need to be there when they need a framer. Word of mouth is our best advertisement and we thank you for that, but we must keep our name up front with this web site, Facebook, Google, etc. Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you soon.  Ray

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